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Fountain Of Youth $150 off (Clearlift & Skin Tightening of the face or face & neck)

Weight Management 10% off

Collagen Booster 20% off

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Harmony XL Treatments

Clearlift-Laser Facelift

“Lunchtime Facelift” For prejuvenation  & rejuvenation of  the skin. A minimal laser skin resurfacing that can show improvement in as little as one quick treatment. A Clearlift reverses the superficial signs of aging, helps with active acne, acne scarring, dryness & tone & texture. Treatments can be performed on the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands wi th no downtime. Prices are by treatments.

Vascular Lesions – Spider Veins

Common Vascular lesions include spider veins, broken capillaries on face or body, rosacea, hemangiomas & cherry hemangiomas. They respond quite well to laser & light based therapy. Per Area (5cm in diameter)

Pigmented Lesions

Pigmented Lesions include sun spots, freckles, Malisma (mask of pregnancy), & more. Sun damage & aging can cause patients to lose significantly older than their chronological age.

For Small Spot Lesions Ask For A Quote

Tattoo Removal & Lightening

This next generation laser tattoo removal & lightening technology uses ultrashort pulses to target ink particles. These pulses are able to shatter pigment into tiny particles that are more easily absorbed & cleared by the body. We also use a patch that 4 treatments can be done in 1 visit.

Laser Hair Removal

Virtually painless hair removal for most skin types, all year round. Generally, a series of 4 to 6 treatments per area are required, but it depends on the individual and area treated. Pricing is by session.

Toe Fungus Treatment

Using a LP Yag & Qswitch Laser we can treat nail fungus.

Alma V-Shape Ultra Systems

V-Shape Ultra Fat Removal

The Alma V-Shape Ultra system procedures can reduce fat cells in the areas treated. This new fat removal system utilizes heat and ultrasound to rupture fat cells. The Alma V-Shape Ultra System is effective for “fibrous fatty” trouble areas like the lower belly “pooch”, oblique’s “love handles”, outer thighs/buttocks, saddlebag area, in addition to cellulite reduction on the chin, arms, thighs, buttocks and belly. Typical treatment is 5 sessions spread in 1-2 weeks apart. Prices are per session. The Alma V-Shape Ultra System is not for weight loss.

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Acne can lead to various degrees of scarring. The severity of scarring can vary dramatically from one patient to another. Alma’s solutions give providers the ability to handle both minimal and severe cases with efficiency and proven efficacy.

V-Shape Ultra Skin Tightening & Stretch Marks Removal

The V-Shape Ultra is used for skin tightening on loose, saggy skin from weight loss, pregnancy, etc.

Appearance is significantly improved. Unsightly stretch marks can be vastly improved.

Stretch Marks Per Area (5cm in diameter) – Pricing determined during consultation


Xeomin, Beletero & Radiesse (Injectables & Fillers)

Organic injectables & fillers with out the unnecessary proteins.

Xeomin(Organic Botox) $11 a unit

Radiesse $550 a vial (Purchase more than 1 vial and receive $50 off)

Belotero $550 a vial (Purchase more than 1 vial and receive $50 off)

Versa (Lip Filler) $575 a vial (Purchase more than 1 vial and receive $50 off)

1/2 Vial of Versa $300

Vaginal & Rejuvenation

Relieves vaginal discomfort, helps with stress incontinence, diminishes dryness & itching, improves vaginal tone and flexibility, remodels the vaginal & vulvar area.  Internal & External are treated.

Chemical Peel

The Perfect Derma Peel improves tone, texture & clarity. Helps with melasma, hyperpigmentation, controls acne.  Improves Acne scarring & pore size.  Suitable for all skin types & ethnicities.


The Next Generation Facelift!  PDO Threads are synthetic fibers that have a lifting effect on the face, neck & body.  Stimulates collagen in a natural production to help the skin texture to look younger, brighter, & increased elasticity. Medithreading can be up to 86% less that plastic surgery and minimal pain.

Military and Senior Citizens (60 years or older)

Receive 5% Discount

Cash Discount (The Green Stuff) 10% Discount

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